What to expect on your first lesson.

After initial introduction and Licence check (Valid UK provisional Licence) I will drive to a quiet road out of the way
of any difficult junctions or heavy traffic where you will then sit in the drivers seat.
We will then go through some basic safety checks you need to do before starting the engine.
These include adjusting your seating position altering the mirrors, putting on the seat belt . I'll then talk you through all the major controls and describe how each different element works.

I will make an assessment of your skill levels. 
Driving off for the first time can be a bit tricky the first time so I'll give you plenty of encouragement.  
The rest of the lesson will be spent practicing moving off - driving along and stopping. 
We will also gain a basic understanding of priority at junctions.

At the end of your lesson we'll have a brief recap.

  Learning to drive and Preparing for your driving test. 

Learning to drive is like learning any other skill: the more practice you get, the quicker you learn.

It is Strongly recommended that you practice between lessons as this gives you a better chance of passing your test.
It is important that the person supervising your private practice is aware of the legal requirements and that their skills are up to date. It may have been a long time since they passed their own test and things may have substantially changed in that time.

Legal requirements

There are some legal restrictions that you need to be aware of:
• The person intending to supervise must be aged 21 or over and must have held a full licence for more than 3 years
• The car must be taxed and have a valid MOT certificate
• The car must be insured for you to drive
•     L    Plates must be displayed at the front and rear of the car.   L

How many hours is the Minimum required ?

There’s no minimum number of lessons someone must have or hours you must practise driving.
How many lessons someone needs will depend on how quickly they learn.
DVSA Research shows that, on average, it takes people 45 hours of driving lessons with a driving instructor plus 22 hours of private practice to pass their test.
But those who manage 100 hours of driving lessons plus practice are much safer on the road after their test.


Swindon Driving Test Centres are situated at Peatmore SN5 5BL and Chiseldon SN4 0FH
enabling the possibility of
Rural country driving during the driving test. 

In Swindon itself, expect a wide variety of road types and Multi lane roundabouts and traffic systems.

Dual Carriageway National Speed Limit systems such as the A3102 Great Western Way and A419 may feature.

The examiner will expect a high level of safety, regard for other road users and knowledge for all traffic systems including;

Roundabouts Mini and large multi-lane. Crossroads and junctions of all types are also to feature. 

Requested will be one   manoeuvre.

 Emergency stop procedure have approximately 1-in-3 possibility.

All practical tests for cars now feature a segment called independent driving. This simply involves following a Sat Nav. It may also involve following road signs or a combination of both. The test routes are compiled by the DVSA Examiners who conduct the tests at each specific test centre.

Test routes are compiled to utilise as many varied road types and traffic systems as possible so to ensure the test candidate is proficient in all aspects of driving. Test routes often include difficult parts and by gaining knowledge of the routes offers valuable insight into what to expect on the test.