Intensive Courses

Intensive courses are limited and only if time is available .....You must have passed your theory test and have a practical test booked at one of the Swindon Test Centres.  I then book you in for your course finishing on your test day.

12 Hour Course 1 week.

12 hour courses are suitable for pupils that have recently failed a practical test, we can then concentrate on the parts of the driving test highlighted in your last test. (copy of DVSA test report needed.)

This could be 5 Lessons =... 2 x 3 hour lessons - 3 x 2 Hour lessons (including test time).   £450.00

24 Hour Course  2 weeks.

This course is ideal if you have been practicing with a friend/relative in a car and you’re a fairly confident driver and have a good knowledge of the basic controls and general driving, but need to practice the advanced manoeuvres and finer points needed for your driving test.  You’ll spend these hours focusing on the things you have yet to cover, and confirming what you’ve already practised and are competent in
(NOT  for beginners) Test Time included.   £900.00

48 Hour Course 3 weeks.

A perfect course for beginners, the 48 hour course can help you to get your practical test within just 3 weeks of starting.

Starting from the very basics, you'll get tuition on everything from steering to navigating multi lane roundabouts, manoeuvres and emergency stops. By the end of your course, you'll have gained the skills and confidence you need to feel ready for your practical test. Test Time included.   £1800.00 

Due to time being exclusively booked for your lessons and test, Intensive course payments are NON Refundable  if cancelled by the pupil for any reason.
Any unused hours not taken due to  test cancellation by the DVSA will be credited for use at a later date.

Intensive course Payments are 50% before course starts and 50% half way through - after the 6 - 12 or 24 hour point.  Payment is by Bank Transfer Only.

Please note  - Intensive courses are not suitable for everyone, you need to be a quick and confident learner,  If after the initial course, the instructor considers the pupil has not reached “Test Standard” or it would be dangerous for the pupil to take the practical test, the test will not go ahead with the instructor or in their car, students would have to pay for additional lessons until they reach a safe standard.

There is
No Guarantee of passing your practical driving test, the test is conducted by an Independent DVSA fully trained examiner and the result is fully their judgement.

Please read The Full Terms & Conditions before booking.